Amazon choice vs Bestseller – Which is good ?

On Amazon, the “Amazon’s Choice” label is given to products that are highly rated, well-priced, and ready to ship immediately. These products are chosen by Amazon’s algorithms based on a variety of factors, including customer reviews, sales, and price. The “Bestseller” label, on the other hand, is given to products that are currently the most popular in their respective categories, based on sales data.

It’s important to note that the “Amazon’s Choice” label is not necessarily an endorsement or recommendation from Amazon, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is the best available option in its category. The “Bestseller” label simply indicates that the product is currently popular and selling well. As a result, it’s generally a good idea to do your own research and read customer reviews before making a purchase, rather than relying solely on the “Amazon’s Choice” or “Bestseller” labels

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