What is SPN in Amazon?

Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) is a program designed to help service providers and consulting firms that work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build, grow, and optimize their businesses. It is aimed at organizations that provide services related to cloud computing, such as consulting, migration, integration, and managed services.

Through the SPN program, service providers can access a range of resources, including technical and sales training, marketing and business development support, and access to AWS marketing and sales resources. The program is designed to help service providers build their expertise in using AWS technologies, improve their delivery of AWS-based services, and grow their business.

Service providers that join the SPN program can also participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN), which is a global program that helps technology and consulting partners build, market, and sell their solutions on AWS. APN partners can earn AWS competencies, which demonstrate expertise in specific areas of the AWS ecosystem, and gain access to a range of benefits, such as marketing and sales resources, training and support, and access to AWS customer leads.

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